• Where is Neuralstem's stock traded?
  • Neuralstem's shares are traded on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under the symbol SNCA.

  • When did the company go public?
  • Neuralstem went public in December 2006.

  • Where are Neuralstem's headquarters located?
  • Neuralstem, Inc.
    20271 Goldenrod Lane, Suite 2024
    Germantown, MD 20876
    Phone: 301.366.4960

  • When do Neuralstem's fiscal quarters end?
  • First Quarter: March 31
    Second Quarter: June 30
    Third Quarter: September 30
    Fourth Quarter: December 31

  • Who is Neuralstem's independent auditor?
  • Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP
    809 Glen Eagles Court
    Suite 200
    Baltimore, MD 21286
    T: 410-838-8000
    F: 410-296-4815

  • How can I buy Neuralstem stock?
  • You may purchase CUR stock through a registered stockbroker.

  • Does Neuralstem have a direct stock purchase plan?
  • No. Shares can be purchased through a registered or discount stock brokerage firm.

  • Whom should I contact with questions about my stock ownership?
  • Beneficial shareholders with shares held by a broker in the name of the brokerage house should contact their broker on all administrative matters. If you are a registered shareholder and have questions regarding your account status (e.g. number of shares, missing certificates, address changes, etc.), please contact Neuralstem's transfer agent.

  • Who is Neuralstem's transfer agent?
  • American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC
    6201 15th Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11219
    T: 718-921-8200

  • Where can I find financial information about Neuralstem?
  • Neuralstem files periodic reports, including Annual Reports (Form 10-K), Quarterly Reports (Form 10-Q) and Current Reports (Form 8-K) with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). These reports are available on our SEC Filings page. In addition, Neuralstem posts recent financial information in the form of quarterly earnings press releases on the Press Releases page.

  • Whom should I contact if I have more questions about investing in Neuralstem?
  • investor@neuralstem.com

  • Who is Neuralstem's PR contact?
  • investor@neuralstem.com

  • What is Neuralstem’s expanded access policy?
  • At Neuralstem, we are committed to providing novel treatment options to patients living with serious nervous system diseases and conditions.  To do this, Neuralstem conducts clinical trials to assess the safety and efficacy of our investigational therapies, which may allow us to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals and eventually provide patients with broad access to these therapies. 

    Currently, Neuralstem does not make its unapproved therapeutic agents available on an expanded access or compassionate use basis.  We feel that providing access to our investigational therapies outside of our ongoing and critical clinical trials may delay or jeopardize the approval of therapies, by reducing the supply of study agents or adversely affecting the data collection process. By focusing on clinical development and seeking regulatory approval, it is our goal to offer our therapies to the largest number of patients as quickly as possible.

    If you have any questions about our expanded use policy, please contact us at Danielle Spangler at dspangler@neuralstem.com

    For more information regarding our clinical trials, visit clinicaltrials.gov

    Neuralstem may revise this expanded access policy at any time.  Additionally, the posting of this policy by Neuralstem shall not serve as a guarantee of access to any specific investigational therapy by any individual patient.